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What is the nature of a soul?

We have been exploring the essential nature of being: God, Jesus, the human... on Sunday mornings at 9am. A question arose, what is the exact nature of the soul?

I would say that a soul is a bundle of intelligent light energy. But, what are the attributes of a soul? I would say that a soul is a unique, individual, indestructible, non-material entity composed of spiritual energy - unlike any energy on earth - with a wide variety of amazing capabilities. Since the soul is in a state of spiritual energy, a soul is imperceptible to the five senses. Our souls, therefore are not part of the material composition of our bodies.

Souls innately possess an unlimited and unexcelled consciousness including imagination, intelligence, wisdom and special senses beyond human comprehension. The creative capability is beyond our understanding, allowing the soul to assume the physical appearance of a human. Despite an immaterial composition, the soul has an ability to manipulate energy.

No two souls are alike. Each has a unique immortal identity.

Thought energy - a capacity foreign to most humans - seems to be the basis for many soul activities.

The character of each soul is immortal.

So, what is the nature of your soul? We know it is the real you. It is that portion of God, immortal, unlimited... Your insight to this discussion is invited.

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