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Tuesdays 10:30am

Tuesdays at 10:30am: A Course in Miracles, facilitated by Renee Falkowski...

      The Course in Miracles group meets every Tuesday at 10:30 am. On October 2, 2018, they  started from the beginning of the ACIM book.  Some consider the Course the most important spiritual document for our lifetime. After completing each chapter, the study group will listen to recordings from the world’s foremost teacher of the Course, Ken Wapnick, Ph. D.

Wednesdays 10:30am
and again at 6:00pm

Wednesdays at 10:30am and again at 6:00pm Arizona Time: The Untethered Soul, facilitated by Rev. Sharon… 

      “If you decide that you’re going to be happy from now on for the rest of your life, you will not only be happy, you will become enlightened. Unconditional happiness is the highest technique there is. This is truly a spiritual path, and it is as direct and sure a path to Awakening as could possibly exist.” Michael Singer, The Untethered Soul

      Michael Singer’s book enjoyed the top spot on the New York Times Best Seller list for over a year. No wonder—the book delivers a profound message about how to get free of perceived limitations and into life-enhancing energy and thought patterns. The reader meets their “inner roommate” as if for the first time. As you get to know your inner roommate, the veil is drawn back and you see who you really are—an amazing human being with much to offer the world. You will, as Charles Fillmore said, “fairly sizzle with zeal and enthusiasm and spring forward with a mighty faith to do the things that ought to be done by you.”

      Join Rev. Sharon on this mind-expanding, heart opening experience.  This Discussion Group will meet each Wednesday in the Fillmore Classroom at 10:30am and again in the Fillmore Classroom or by Zoom at 6:00pm. (Zoom code will be 577 896 8885.)

      Feel free to bring a friend.

      Offered for a Love Offering.

Thursdays 10:30am

Thursdays, Webinar at 10:30am Arizona Time: The Jesus Code, facilitated by Rev. Jim… 

      In a very vivid dream during a January night in 1998, John Randolph Price was emphatically denied access to the secret gate leading to Cosmic Consciousness. Both curious and concerned, he pondered what to do next. Then he was suddenly given the specific instruction: See Jesus for the Code. John began the task immediately upon awakening, first with quiet prayer to become attuned to the "mind which was in Christ Jesus," followed by several days of meditative inner work. There was little progress until he took a break and went for a long walk in the woods. And it was there that he heard the central message of the Code—a challenge for all of us to embrace a new Model of Reality, and change our perspective on what it means to be "spiritual" in this world.

       Join the discussion here in the Fillmore Classroom, or join in via Zoom. Go to An applet will download onto your computer, iPad, phone or other device. At 10:30 enter the code: 6239746443. You will join the discussion.

      Cost of class: Free, but an offering to Unity Spiritual Center is suggested.

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Rev. Sharon Connors