Current Classes
Tuesdays 10:30am

A Course in Miracles,

facilitated by Renee Falkowski...

      The Course in Miracles group meets every Tuesday at 10:30 am. On October 2, 2018, they  started from the beginning of the ACIM book.  Some consider the Course the most important spiritual document for our lifetime. After completing each chapter, the study group will listen to recordings from the world’s foremost teacher of the Course, Ken Wapnick, Ph. D.

Wednesdays 10:30am
and again at 6:00pm

 Charles Fillmore's book,

Atom Smashing Power of Mind, facilitated by Rev. Sharon… 

     In his book on the power of the mind, Charles Fillmore was ahead of his time. When the book was published in 1949, Fillmore integrated science and spirituality. He was fascinated with the idea of the atom and the enormous energy locked within it - 7 x 10 to the 27th power! That is a powerful lot of energy at our mental command.

     Join us as we explore these provocative ideas beginning Wednesdays, March 4 through April 8 from 10:30am-12:00pm, or from 6pm-7:30pm here at Unity Spiritual Center in the Fillmore Classroom.

      Feel free to bring a friend.

      Offered for a Love Offering.

Thursdays 10:30am
Arizona Time

Living A Life of Joy,

by John Randolph Price

Book study facilitated by

Rev. Jim… 

     Join us Thursday mornings for a discussion at 10:30am Arizona time via your computer, iPad or other device with Rev. Jim in Colorado. During these coming few weeks we will:

· Move our awareness from form to Energy

· Explore realms of being outside our everyday experience

· Break the grip of the ego

· Honor the holy Self within

· Accept a new life, free of worry and filled with joy

· And much, much more.

     Are you ready? Join as we explore Living a Life of Joy.

       Join the discussion here in the Fillmore Classroom, or join in via Zoom. Go to An applet will download onto your computer, iPad, phone or other device. At 10:30 enter the code: 6239746443. You will join the discussion.

      Cost of class: Free, but an offering to Unity Spiritual Center is suggested.

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Rev. Sharon Connors