Unity Spiritual Center has nine chaplains to serve you. These individuals attend our annual and monthly training and are assigned to our congregants to make a monthly contact and hold confidential prayer for any situation or circumstance. Please share your prayer requests and we will hold you in confidential prayer for 30 days.

Lois Hanson
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Cathy Mannino
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Paul Martodam
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Rev. Lei Lanni Burt
Rev. Lei Lanni is the founder of the Prayer Chaplain Program. Through her organization, Light & Love Ministries, she has trained Unity Prayer Chaplain trainers throughout the country. And Unity Spiritual Center has been blessed by having this nationally recognized leader heading up our own Prayer Chaplain Program. Rev. Lei Lanni also provides pastoral care to our congregants.

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Christine Martin
James Rasmusson
Cathy Collins
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Sandy Walker
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Jeannie Cooper