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Where God is Found

God abides in the heart of each and every individual. This quiet presence is always within us. It is the still voice at the center of our souls. It is the innermost awreness that guides us and supports us during our most trying moments.


In today's world, many of us have lost contact with this inner silence. In every direction we turn, there is only distraction. The loud and the rude often drown out the silent and the thoughtful.


To overcome this, sit quietly and absorb yourself in prayer and meditation. In doing so you will find the presence and the peace that passes all understanding.


God is concealed in every heart. God's light is in every heart. - Sikhism


Do you not know that you are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you? - Christianity


My God abide always within my heart... Jainsim


The heart of those who know, and believes with full assurance, is the throne of God. - Islam


If we keep unperverted the human heart - which is like unto heaven and received from earth - that is God. - Shintoism


God is the light of all lights and luminous beyond all darkness. God is the knowledge and the object of knowledge. God is seated in the hearts of all. - Hinduism

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