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Spirit and Letter

The fundamental principles at the heart of all religions are universal. They are at the core of all cultures and are found in the teachings of all nations.

The letter of the law or the surface meaning, or the words found in the teachings, are not as important as the spirit, which is truly universal and is found in all religions and cultures.


The letter kills, but spirit gives life. - Christianity


The Qurán was sent down in seven dialects, and in every one of the sentences there is an outer and an inner meaning. - Islam


The truly enlightened one proclaims the truth, in its letter and in its spirit. - Buddhism


It is better that the letter be uprooted than the Torah be forgotten. - Judaism


Study the words, but look behind them to the thought they indicate. And having found it, throw the words away as chaff when you have sifted out the grain. - Hinduism


Do not let the scholars  scrutinize the words too closely. The wise think more of the thought than the words in which it is caught. - Sufism

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