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Many Paths

Truth does not change. It does not vary from religion to religion. We may think that religions are different, but when tracing them back to their origins, a common source is found.


The basic teachings of each religion are in many ways identical, although founded in different cultures. As we study our own path, and understand the path of others, we find that paths converge with a realization of the same ultimate Truth.


There are as many ways to God as there are souls, as many as the breaths of Adam's sons. - Islam


Those who worship God with faith, they adore but Me behind those forms; many are the paths of humankind, but they, in the end, come to Me. - Hinduism


For as many as are led by the Spirit, they are the sons of God. - Christianity


All religions are but stepping stones back to God. - Native American


In the world there are many different roads but the destination is the same. - Confucianism

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