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     We could spend a lifetime seeking riches, honor and fame in the world, but true riches of life lie within us. Through appreciation of the wisdom teachers of the past. through prayer, and most of all, through meditation, we can be united with the inner silence that is a part of God.


When that silence is reached, it begins to radiate throughout every aspect of our lives. When a significant number of us radiate that inner silence, heaven will begin to reveal itself on earth.


The kingdom of God comes not with observation, neither shall they say, look here or look there for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you. - Christianity


God lies hidden in the hearts of all. - Hinduism


God is in your heart, yet you search for God in the wilderness. - Sikkism


If human beings knew their own inner secrets, they would never look elsewhere, they would never look elsewhere seeking happiness and peace. - Sufism


When the undeveloped person seeks is outside; when the advanced person seeks is within self. - Confucianism


If you think God is outside yourself, you are embracing not the Absolute, but some inferior teaching. - Buddhism






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