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"Above all things have fervent charity among yourselves..." says Peter in the Christian scriptures. As inequities grow in our world, civilization itself is threatened. It is vital to maintain the blessings of giving - even when it seems like a hardship. Without the practice of charity, life grows stale and unfeeling, and our existence as a nation and culture becomes self-centered and insecure.


Give to them that ask you, and do not turn away those that would borrow from you. - Christianity


The Prophet said: "Give in charity and do not withold it, otherwise God will withhold it from you." - Islam


Those who have pity on the poor lendeth to the Lord; and that which is given will be paid back. - Judaism


Charity belongs to the most honorable nobility and is the quiet home where we will dwell. - Confucianism


Bounteous are those who give to the begger who comes in want of food... - Hinduism


As a full jar overflowing pours out the liquid and keeps back nothing, even shall your charity be without reserve - as a jar overturned. - Buddhism

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